Long May You Live

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Let your life be long and fruitful all your years
May you find, in this life, reason to call out with zealous cheers

Long be your days when you active and having fun
Short be your depressions as you live under the sun

Long is your happiness when you can make positive things happen in life
Short is your fulfillment when you are not competitive and live in strife

Long is your happiness when you can satisfy your soul
Short are your negatives if you are busy striving for your goal

Long are the times that you prosper, and your heart is glad
Short are the times in life that bring you down and make you sad

Long is your strength as you continue on your life’s run
Short may be your troubles, for you want to shine under the sun

Long is your happiness if you avoid the people who pitch sorrow
Short is your stability if you must always borrow

Long is your peace when are walking forward on the spiritual path
Short be your stress's when you cannot understand this life’s and its math

Long may you live, and may your years be ones you want to live
Short be the sorrowful times, then you have no happiness to give

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