102nd Musketeers Challenge-Drifting Thru Time…

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

What do we do in heaven when we’re dead?
Will I drift thru time at a gentle pace?
Knowing there’s hot chocolate and toasted bread
I’ll wake each day with a smile on my face!

Will there be green trees and squirrels to feed?
Clean water and sunshine for all to share
Surrounded by no one who’s filled with greed
Instead seeking others who’ll always care!

With laughter and joy just as when alive
A light in the tunnel will always shine
Know thru eternity I’ll always thrive
With a helping hand of something divine!

Do I have to die for this dream somehow?
No wait… I’ve living these things even now!

* Heaven can be discovered on earth…
Hell is when you forget to try.

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