Lance This Boil

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Unholy water, a baptism of fire
Pushed to the limit, right to the wire
Patience had gone, and tensions ran high
Greeted by many, with the heaviest sigh

Fighting elections, the MPs selected
The referendum result, would be respected
No sooner in power, they changed their minds
And this with the voters, heavily grinds

Promises are made, not meant to be broken
Or they won't believe, a word that's spoken
Not given away, respect is earned
Otherwise trust, is destroyed and burned

The disaster we have, that we face today
Leaves many speechless, but wanting to say
Parliament paralysed, their hands are tied
And all because, the MPs lied

To join a team, is to tow the line
No desertion, threat to resign
Strength in numbers, no 'I' in team
Fight together, to achieve the dream

Who could be trusted, in so fickle a staff
Where friends make enemies, and enemies laugh
Trust is broken, and loyalty strained
But nothing ventured, is nothing gained

Boris was baffled, his bluster was boiled
His Brexit plans, had they been spoiled
But this was a vow, that he wouldn't break
Cherry picking, while eating his cake

He promised to fight, this battle to win
Beginning of the end, or does the end begin
With stakes so high, he could not lose
He had to back, what the people did choose

Like William Tell, he felt the pressure
Just like The Bard, Measure for Measure
Would he hold firm, and lance this boil
An attack on democracy, put to the foil

Halloween was the date, the final showdown
But who would be king, and wear the crown
Boris and the leavers, the result to uphold
Or would they be left, out in the cold

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