A Recipe made in heaven ( The 102nd challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

What would I do when I make it to heaven ?
I sit on a snow colored cloud as soft as
cotton. With an eagle eye view of everything.
I glanced at the full moon floating as light
as a feather, and think of my friend Betty.
Drifting in the air would be my peppermint
gum, mixed in with the smell of fresh rain.
I put on my chef hat and take out a huge
midnight colored pot.

I would add the following for a recipe made
in heaven:

1 heart full of love
A large dose of faith
A dash of childhood wonder and dreams
Slowly add in one cup of
care, kindness, and understanding.
2 cups of forgiveness, laughter,
humor, and compassion.
3 cups of joy
4 cups of peace
5 cups of hope
I blow a trumpet adding just the right touch of music!
And I must not forget the chocolate! Added in to taste!

It's no good to have a plan if you do not initiate
your blessing.
I would mixed all the ingredients together,
And would pour it all from heaven.
Different size drops would fall, in different shapes
to the world below , as needed.
Bringing peace and good will to all the world.

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