A Baton Holder’s Musing.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

My Baton tenure having now ended,
to all ‘brave’ participants are extended
my thanks for having participated
in my Challenge. At first, anticipated
Limericks, had me nervously waiting
as to what might be offered? Debating
on my choosing, for Limericks are a form
that is deceptive. The Limerick “Norm”
is dependant upon regularity of beat
or rhythmic cadence. Five lines complete,
must tell the story - often considered lewd:
humourous, or quite intentionally rude!
Nonetheless, it’s intent is to saucily amuse.
This poetic format, that has no compeers,
is shunned by many, for it often appears
to cater to the rude, licentious poet, who
determines to shock and antagonise ‘you’
the ‘gentle’ reader, who decides they’re ‘coarse’!
So Limericks are then ‘taboo(ed)’ of course!
But all remained serene and all went well,
as VN Members did great - as history will tell.
With that, my thanks I now humbly reiterate.
Your responses, though sparse, turned out great!

Denis. Aka Rhymer (of sorts!).

Just my way of saying Thanks to the Three “Stalwarts” we affectionately call “Friends” on VN. Members come, Members go, but for many years now, the Monthly Challenge, has survived and given some of us, a chance to show off our skills in varying poetic ways. Speaking for myself - and I wouldn’t dream of speaking for anyone else - it is always a much anticipate moment in the month, when a new Challenger - viz, Baton Holder- is unveiled by The Musketeers from the eclectic hotchpotch mix of VN Membership, that partake in such monthly shenanigans. Methinks it is truly the life line of VN, and without such a regular anticipated ‘community’ exercise, it is most likely many of us would have been writing a dirge, for the loss of a friendship community, long before now! All credit to those who do the ‘ground work’ of seeking out a willing Baton Holder. Time flies, we cannot, as the saying goes, and many are but passing participants. Some drop in, do a little browsing: find themselves at a loss to understand the mechanism that makes VN tick, and hie off into the wide beyond, seeking something that requires little or no effort on their part! My only comment to such “fly-by-night(er)s” is? Good Luck! You’ll find few sites that compare with VN, but having said so, it does require dedication and devotion to composing quality input, if VN is to continue. So I urge each and every one reading this, to give it serious thought, and don’t be afraid to participate in the monthly Musketeer Challenge. Number 102 now in progress.

Finally, I give my thanks to all who gave Limericks a “Go” and my sincerest thanks to the staunch Tireless Trio of Musketeers, who had faith in me. Stable your horses until next month, then relax with a draught of ale - milk stout for the sophisticated drinkers amongst you (if there are any?). Lol! - and ready yourselves for an eclectic mix of more exciting reads, as Members, react, tackle and write according to their tenet of choice, in answering Kenneth Clarke’s Challenge for September, 2019. Have fun and Good Luck. Denis aka Rhymer. PS: Thankfully, my project is done! Now on to the next! Lol! Ciao Denis.

Over to you Ken.

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