It Is Reasonable

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

It is reasonable at this emotional time to balance your thoughts with reason
To insist on a period of calm is sensible and not treason

To not feel for a time is alright, and it does not mean you are cold
This is not a time for you to let your feelings unfold

Suppression is positive if you have nothing left to express
Augment your reasonableness and your emotional thoughts will be less

It is a time to control your emotions, and let them rest
Do not allow the continuous flow of emotions, and tomorrow you will do your best

During this conflicted time it is better to keep your troubles inside
Time to keep your emotions hidden when it causes trouble to confide

Others who cause frustrations, you do not need to think about today
It is a matter of concentrating on peace, then your troubles go away

Do not feel now, for your feelings are working against you, and causing you travail
Now it is smart to be reasonable, you may not win, but at least you will not fail

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