We Can't Avoid Sorrow*

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

We can't avoid sorrow for it is part of our life's way
We all have blind spots and so we must pay

Latent qualities exist within, limiting what we can do
We need to have potentials to succeed or we wind up blue

A person should be extroverted to succeed, but some of us are not
An introverted person struggles, with a mind tied up in knots

The Lord gives us our potentials and limits what we can be
If we can't be what want want are we free?

Some people have no potential of doing right and wind up jail
Others are not as smart as others and regularly fail

We try to change ourselves but we cannot, so bad traits we hide
We should accept our shortcomings and take things in stride

We need to believe that the meek will succeed in the Heavens above
And to believe that in Heaven we can find our ultimate love

Even elevated people have sorrows, no one escapes
None of us are super heroes, wearing a cape

Is a person with less potentials forsaken more on this earthly ride?
We all have sorrow no matter how hard we tried

We can't avoid sorrow when some of us lose out?
If we care about others we should have reason to pout

In the end we must accept sorrow, that we must all endure
With mediation and stillness of thoughts we find our cure

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