102 Inspirational Challenge - What do we do in heaven when we are dead?

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

When we die, I wonder
What truly lies yonder?
But my head aches
And my back breaks

(From thinking too much)

Indian sages make me think
Our lives are all linked
Karma settles scores
Hundred years or more

(It seems to be true as such)

Wave particle duality
Confirms claims of spirituality
That we are not who we seem to be
Not matter, but energy

(It could be possibly true)

Then, of course, who is God?
A super being? Unflawed
A force? A power? Energy
In everyone - you and me?

(I have questions quite a few)

Is there heaven, is there Hell
Where angels, demons dwell?
Angels with wings, demons with horns
Are we them? Are we reborn?

(After death where do we go?)

So many thoughts - little reprieve
But believers do so believe
While I’ll think of what I do when alive
For all that I see is this life

(And that’s all I know)

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