102nd Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge - What Do We Do In Heaven When We’re Dead

a poem by Kenneth Malvyn Clark, UK

Beyond Those Pearly Gates

A curious thoughts popped into my head
what do we do in heaven when were dead,
my mind chuckles in the absence of sleep
what if we have to work to earn our keep.

Is heaven a metropolis of gleaming towers
or an endless panorama of exotic flowers,
is there society with the Internet and 5G
Twitter and Facebook and catch up TV?

I’ve always imagined souls floating free
unlocking the universe of all its mystery,
as a child I was taught a paradise awaits
a Shangri la beyond those pearly gates.

So what do we do for an eternity of time
in this Utopia of souls this Eden sublime,
are souls given form like a tree or a snake
a postman carpenter a task we undertake.

Maybe a cupid with an arrow and a bow
perhaps a cherub with a trumpet to blow,
in truth no one knows if heavens a place
a paradise beyond life our souls will grace.

Tis but whimsical muse to tease my mind
as I ponder the me that I’ll leave behind.
but if souls have to work I can guarantee,
after this, ‘twill be the dole queue for me.

( dole queue - unemployed line )

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