Within that Forest Land I See

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I see...
...The glories of the forest flow’rs,
Within those blooming springtime trees.
...The beauty in their blossomed bower’s,
Found blowing in the breeze.

...Their scent all wafting through the air,
That flows all through that fair domain.
...Caught up upon a breeze so fair,
Where beauty all does reign.

...The sounds, I then, hear all around;
The songs those birds that softly sing.
...As I then wander o’er the ground;
Such joy those sounds, they bring.

...I wandered through that peaceful place;
Through meadows found of grass, so green.
...With all the colors, bright; so grand,
Across that land, pristine.

...And then within those trees so tall,
Above that wooded trail, wide.
...And I hear within, His loving call,
His Light, my only guide.

...Those wonders in that wooded stand;
Such beauty then, all there, that be
...The natural beauty in that Land;
Within that Forest Land I see.

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