The Very First Star I saw that Night

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I looked up in the sky one night,
And saw a star there, shining bright.
That sparkled out so gay and free,
...It’s soft and glist’ning glow.

And bright it was against the sky;
Shining down, it’s light from high.
That gleaming spark of glist’ning light;
...Glimmering, down below.

I think I saw it wink at me;
That tiny star that I could see.
A teeny tiny twinkling eye;
...Seen there all aglow.

Surprised I was to see it wink;
To see that star, at me then blink.
And then a wish, I wished to see;
...Within my heart, did grow.

And then I went inside to dream;
Of that one star, its silvery beam.
And then that wish I did bethink
...Into my dreams did flow.

Oh star so small; Oh star so bright;
The very first that I saw that night.
Seen shining out so bright and free;
... So soft and bright its glow.

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