What will I do in Heaven, when I die? Musketeer Challenge #102 - 2nd Take

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Often heard is a believer’s heartfelt cry:
‘What will I do in heaven when I die?’
What role or position will I be awarded
for the life I’ve lived? Will I be rewarded
or harshly judged? Will I be chastised
for failures? I will admit, I’ll be surprised
if my few good deeds, outweigh my bad,
for I was - when young - a rebellious lad!
Will I be penalised for little white lies I told?
Are misdemeanours forgiven as we grow old?
With I be judged a sinner for apples ‘scrumped’
or for tricks played - such as water dumped
on unsuspecting girls from a burst balloon!
Pranks carried out, when acting the buffoon!
Doubtless I’m like many who enacted a deed
without a thought as to where it would lead
when came the day we’d face our Master!
Such penalties as described by our Pastor.
But hang on there! Let no one presume
that they will go to Heaven. I’ll assume
that my end, will undoubtedly be the reverse!
Such as down below! Am I unduly perverse
to think Heaven only accepts the righteous few,
with no room for sinners, such as me and you,
as the religious pundits are heard to tell!
Whereas Hades - commonly known as Hell
accepts ‘all’, that pass through its fiery gates!
At least that is what the Holy Bible states!
Of course any position offered to reprobates,
is restricted to menial. Which often acerbates
the rhetoric, the righteous use to exhort lesser mortals
to reform and follow them! Whereas the ever open portals
located ‘down below’, invite Heaven’s, unwanted guests.
There is no appeal of the selection process. Sinner pests
are not welcome in heaven! So vamoose! Absquatulate!
Go join those that stoke Hell fires. That’s your fate!
So is this the answer to the question many ask?
as to which delightful occupation or pleasant task
we could be awarded once chosen for Paradise?
Truth to say, I think it is most unlikely. Suffice
it to say, chances are, most lives have been stained,
and despite all advice, I doubt few have attained
the perfection expected of a stubborn lass or lad
who sometimes chose a path, considered bad,
as some determine. But enough! Suffice it to say
when I die - hopefully that will be a far off distant day,
if considered fitting I’ll be a heavenly Ambassador:
Though my thought is - I’ll be shown the door!
I see little ascribed in the realm of eternity,
as truly tailor made and aptly suited for me.
As for what that might be, if I could choose?
Who knows? Doubtless it’s one I’ll not refuse!
However, should I perchance to be sent down below?
I possess some expertise to make the Hell fires glow!
But for now, I’ll stay on the path I’ve trodden well
As to where it might lead, be it Heaven or Hell?
I doubt I shall be allowed to return to earth and tell!
But before I end my dissertation and say farewell,
as I am not one to prattle, pontificate or preach,
on what folks might do when Death calls, is for each
one to find out in good time - as we will no doubt!
With that I’ll say Good Luck! If you see me? Give a shout!

Rhymer. September 11th, 2019.

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