102 Inspirational Challenge -What do we do in heaven, when we’re dead?

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

It seems like a promising place
Idyllic - twenty four by seven
Oh yes, imagine the possibilities
Of an afterlife in heaven

I hope the laundry will be done
I suppose whites is what we’ll wear
Hopefully the whites will stay all white
For it shouldn’t be too dirty there

No dust nor muck for sure
Littering won’t be allowed
We couldn’t be sweeping, mopping
If heaven is on a cloud

I won’t be cooking either (I reckon)
No dishes to wash - ah sweet
No bosses looking grumpy
No pressure or deadlines to meet

I gather I will stay healthy
No coughing or sneezing bouts
No pollution, no traffic, no allergies
No honking of horns so loud

It certainly seems very inviting
I think I’d be at ease
(If at all, they let me in)
I may finally rest in peace

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