A letter from your pet in heaven ( 102nd Challenge )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

A letter from your pet in Heaven

First I wanted you to know I am safe in heaven with
love abound.
God gave me a job on-earth to look out for you and I
hope I did my job well.
I know how much you loved me,
and that is why I know you miss me too.

Yes, I still sit on the couch, only its one of God's now.
And I still leave my scent on every shoes.
I do eat meat of different kinds everyday, as there is no can
food here. And sure I still get gas and clear a place or two out.

No! I am not lonely, as there other animals up here too! However,
I do miss you, as you do me. We often play a game of hide and seek
and of course I still cheat.
None of us are perfect up here , accept God. And I still give out fleas
and make everyone itch with rough, red, sandpaper bumps.

When asked what I do in heaven, the answer is plain and simple.
I am working with God in getting a place ready for you, when the
time is right. And that will be the time when we owe each other a huge hug.
So for now, when tomorrow starts without me and I cannot be seen.
For every time you think of me, I am right there in your heart.

And of course in heaven all things are possible , even your pets can write!

Signed me!
Your beloved Pet from Heaven!

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