102nd Roy's Challenge what do we do in heaven when we're dead?(What's in Heaven?)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

A place we called home,
When we're already gone,
What's in heaven?
Do we still have our names?
Do we still know each others?
Or we will be reunited as brothers and sisters,
Can we recognize our family up there?
Or we will be forgotten forever,
What's in heaven nobody knows,
Are we still the same I have no clue,
Cos' none of us have been there,
If you still breathing here,
A resting place for departed souls,
Waiting for your name to be called,
No more pain, no more cries,
No more hurt, no more lies,
What do we do in heaven when we're dead?
Who knows we might enjoy all the things that they've have said,
We could be singing or dancing,
Or could enjoy even the simplest things,
What's in heaven only God knows,
Until your time is ended then you're going home.

#Trust in God always
P.S. Amazing 102nd Title Challenge salute to VN poets.

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