Small Things

a poem by Susan Mary O'Reilly, Ireland - poetry writer, author, poet

We still have starving people today
who on cold, hard ground, lay
they have no coveted piece of land
seldom is taken their hand

People often walk by and sneer
some spit and jeer
their eyes don’t fill with pity
think their big fish in the city

I hope their pot is always full
their economic climate doesn’t hit a lull
If they ever fall on hard times
I hope they’ve saved all their nickels and dimes

Homeless people are not a scourge
when I hear that to scream I have an urge
who knows what created their plight
to judge I have no right

I cannot solve their problems
but you’ll never hear me calling them bum
my mum always told me not to give them money
for a kind person, I always thought that funny

I always noticed the sandwich she bought
and the cake she wrapped in cloth
she gave what little she could
accepted the hug, knowing she’d done some good

Shake their hand, sit down and talk
If you’re in a rush wave as you walk
Leave a spare blanket, it will be treasured
The joy you’ve given can’t be measured

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