a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Several tears of why?
Seven sisters in the sky
Together as one; and
A great distance apart
The lawn mower wouldn't start
Change the spark plug,
Get a spark to its heart
Council worker picks up the litter,
Along the grassy verge
A motorist is in a verge,
Of losing his grip on life
The DJ laughs over the car radio,
At a phone in joke: about
A mouse and a cat in the same house
Meantime, in a real house;
Several tears dressed in grief
A soul is in vigil
Preparing to meet God
The lawn mower is reborn
The lawnmower heart beats;
Like a purring cat, that
Is being patted by the council worker,
Who has lain his litter picker and black,
Polythene bag on the grassy ground
Seeing the visible
Seeing the invisible
Fingers insert into fresh and bone
Do you believe?
A journey on its final journey
Coffin bearers shoulders carry the decease
The cat purr its sensitive whiskers,
In appreciation in being liked
The council worker carry on with his task
The driver in the car ask?
Why does he put on a invisible mask
Several sorrowful tears shed
A coffin is laid, prayers are prayed
Seven sisters hug as a sparkling night star
The black mourning flower petals depart

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