The Days We Danced Together

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

(Poem About an Adult Who Grew Up Living With Domestic Violence and speaks of Specific memories when her family enjoyed beautiful moments together)

Those Scattered Days we did live 100% in the moment did we?
I realise as we grow older we get so caught up in the past and the future,
But that day, when father baked a cake did we all choose to live to the full?
Did Mom make that choice too, when words hateful were replaced with a creamy mouthful?

Mindfulness they say is about knowing this moment is all that exists,
I never applied that well enough I got to admit as I try again and again,
But perhaps I practiced it way better back in those days I feared returning from school,
When ma-baa magically laughed, joked and even spellbound thoughts dangerously revengeful.

Care to believe this? Yeah, we danced together once, I still think we had lost it then,
Normal gets abnormal for every family once in a while for human relationships are variable,
This abnormal when baa played the music and twirled maa was for me a day psychedelically beautiful,
As I try to understand it now, that day they perhaps lost their minds and the grimness memories can pull.

I remember what I did, I had thrown my school bag away and jumped right into the momentary romance,
I really think that is a solid example, the best kind of mindfulness I have ever really practiced,
When I dared not to think any damn thing, because a precious moment like that required I be ultra careful,
Leaving my thoughts aside and immersing deep deep into this gift, forgetting it is only a spoonful.

—By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

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