Challenge 102: Heaven

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA

As a kid momma always said I had “A mind of my own.”
I certainly hope so.
The sooner that I accepted “THE REAL” reality, The sooner
It is that I can change who I’ve become and who I desire to be.
Living in life is not free, I’ve heard heaven is free,
but, who’s ever heard of the best place ever being cheap?
It’ll be interesting to see if there will be better views
from different Clouds?
Will we be worried if rent gets paid or is late?
How about medical treatments, say if you fly too close to the Sun?
What about psychiatric care if you need it up there?
Say you have grown delusional? Maybe need rehab or reform School?
Do you have to be assimilated into the Angels?
Do you think there are drugs up there? Right-wingers and Liberals?
A bureaucracy that makes you climb through “gold” tape?
How much is insurance? And does it cover the basics like
flight damage, hovering accidents and Acts of God? …
How does this “world” without money work again?

Oct. 1, 2019

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