Poems For Dad

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Poems for Dad to tell him how I feel
Poems for me to understand and to heal

Poems that give tribute to you for all that you gave
Poems of us together, in my mind that I will save

Poems for Dad of love to the Heavenly skies
Poems of happiness, wisdom, and hysterical cries

Poems for Dad in the afterlife; for a soul never dies
Poems for Dad between us there were never any lies

Poems of special moments that are the brightest of my days
Poems depicting our family and our ways

Poems for Dad I will write to you and keep in touch over the years
Poems to a jolly soul not given to tears

Poems for Dad to let him know when I am Heaven Bound
Poems for Dad to let him know that my life is sound

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