There are hundreds and more

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Spend some time with downtrodden,
Spend some time with the weak,
You will find satisfaction,
Satisfaction that everyone seeks,

Seek not for attention,
Give some time to the weak,
You'll find lots of attention,
The attention that everyone seeks.

Seek not for unachievable goals,
Seek for an achievable task,
You will get a lot of love,
Much more than you asked.

Why think you are lonely,
I tell you, all are,
Brighten the eyes of the weary,
They'll look at you as a Star.

Sow and reap hundredfold,
Sow and reap hundredfold,
You alone are not lonely,
There are hundreds and more.

R.A. Jacob

Sheep's clothing
All my poems
Only through His grace

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