Siva and Allah in Kashmir

a poem by rm shanmugam chettiar, India

Lalla was a mystic Kashmir begot.
As Lalleswari to Kashmir Hindus
And as Lall Arifa to Kashmir Muslims
She lived in fourteenth century.

The hardships she underwent at home
With unfriendly inmates might have pushed her
Into spirituality; Sidh Srikanth was her Guru.
A wandering soul she became later.

As Meera to Krishna, she was to Shiva.
Lalla expressed her thoughts in quatrains.
‘Turning towards self is reaching the truth;
Truth within; truth within,’ she proclaimed.

Sufi masters from Persia flowed in.
Her hymns freely carried Sufi thoughts.
She was revered by the Muslims as well.
It’s time her hymns travelled in Kashmir

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