THE CENTURY I WAS BORN (103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge)

a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

I was lucky to be born
As the 20th Century neared it's end.
As testimonies we came
To the glorious century that prevailed.

I was among the lucky few
Who'd see life's simple hues.
Before it became all wired and chained
To gadgets, technologies & inventions new.

I was lucky to see orchards and ponds for myself
Instead of reading them off some book
We ran and chased after our friends
The concept of which is remembered by few.

I was lucky to be born at the time
Where we indulged in outdoor games
Instead of monitoring consoles & PlayStations
A sight of sadness and utter shame.

We could count our friends on our fingers
But knew what a friend meant.
It was different to staring at a screen
Gauging feelings from lines written and sent.

I was lucky to be born at the time
When social was without media.
When been social was actually meeting people
Instead of just liking & commenting on their pictures.

I was lucky to be born at the time
When sunken paper boats aggrieved hearts.
When joys were found in simple things
And new years were celebrated with handmade cards.

I talk of the time when phones were coiled
But humans were free
When life's pace was a bit slower
But the past was a happiness spree.

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