Take Me Back To The Time 103rd Tittle Challenge

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

sitting around the corner,
with a pen and a piece of paper,
you we're the first one who held me,
loving me unconditionally,

teaching me things in so many ways,
even letting me lead astray,
you comfort me when I'm sad,
even if it hurts you so bad,

you hate to see my cry,
but you give me your wings to fly,
even if you don't want to,
but you chose to let me go,

so I may learn to stand on my own,
the hardship of life may bring me down,
the weaker I become the stronger I'll will be
that's what you've always tell me,

take me back to the time,
where I first saw your smile, mom,
nothing can compare of the joy when I'm with you,
it makes your heart glad just the way I do,

time flies so fast,
I'm keeping our memory of the past,
this story that I'd like to share,
to my future kids and to my partner.


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