The Century In Which I Was Born. Musketeer 103rd Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Years have passed since I was born,
one bleak, late November morn.
Of my birth I remember naught,
or of what my parents thought,
when I began my earthly span,
but since that day, as lad and man,
I’ve seen changes taking place,
with progression setting the pace
of changing laid-back, easy going ways
to the modern mad-paced days,
which prevail today. So for you,
of those changes, I’ll list a few!

Take Me Back in Time.
Firstly: Society oriented.

Friendships once held in high regard,
seem lost to Social Media! It’s hard
to see friends speaking face-to-face.
Life has become a one-upmanship race,
to outdo our friends and neighbours.
Few are they that seek physical labours.
Technology - touted as life’s essential,
dictates our lives. Despite its potential,
it promotes ‘must-have’ all the more,
with new fangled gadgets in the store!
As the cost of living, seems to soar,
adding to the numbers of homeless poor.
Help lessens for those fallen on hard times.
Yet criminals seemingly punished for crimes,
live in restricted comfort. Though in prison,
still their standard of living has risen!
As for punishment befitting the crime?
Merely restricting their TV viewing time!

Secondly - Transportation.

Most folks travelled by horse and cart,
which was the essential, integral part
of transport throughout the land.
Except for the ubiquitous railroad,
it was a slow, rough ride for a paved road,
was the exception. Cars defied convention,
thought many,. This latest invention,
was, like the first planes seen, flying by,
a passing ‘fad’ that few folks would try!
Today the modern plane is accepted, au fait:
with some craft able to circle the earth in a day!

Thirdly Relaxation.

In cities, the Music Hall reigned supreme,
until movies arrived on the silver screen.
Tarzan, Mickey Mouse, Roy Rogers,
with Silver and Tonto, these bullet dodgers,
reigned in ‘bad guys’ every Saturday morn,
whilst Felix - the smartest cat born,
frustrated at every turn had kids screeching!
Discipline in school came with teaching,
and parents accepted no bad behaviour!
Bible thumpers with a variety of “Saviours”
stood on soap boxes and harangued folks.

Finally (for now) General Observations.

We see folks rush around here and yon,
with few stopping to see what’s on
in their neighbourhood, for haste
is the fundamental word! Waste
a close second, for plastic rules.
Good manners? That’s for fools!
Each for himself: cursing the slow,
as folks rush everywhere they go!
Do I wish I could be taken back
to the time before the modern lack
of courtesy and friendly meeting?
Now it’s a terse text message, greeting
on a ‘mobile’! What;s more to know?
Yesterday life, seemingly far too slow,
allowed us time for all social graces.
Folks known by names and familiar faces
could be trusted to help when need
was required. Today government’s bleed
unknown billions to kill and overthrow
a regime disliked. That’s not the way,
I like to see the world headed today.
Still there are many great advantages
for us to enjoy. In fast-paced stages
the past century made a quantum leap!
Still there were practised tenets, I’d keep.
Perhaps it’s naught but my nostalgic memory,
but I truly thought it was a great Century,
and I often reminisce upon those days,
and the pleasures it gave in many ways.


Comparisons show, despite all our advances,
some are not at all beneficial. Though chances
are, like me, when this Twenty First Century ends,
today’s generation will feel they’ve lost good friends.

Rhymer. October 10th, 2019.

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