103rd Musketeers Challenge- Looking Back Helps My Future Unfold…

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

I saw the first black and white TV,
not many neighbors had one, you see.
I saw trolley cars carry us round,
with milk truck deliveries always bound.
I saw lessons taught with paper and pen,
with handwriting practiced, way back when.
I saw children safely play in their yard.
Inventing games with friends, is wasn’t hard.
I saw our dial up phone sit on a shelf,
giving little privacy for oneself.
I saw the grocery man we knew so well
that a tab could be run, he would not tell.
Gossip was whispered and shared one on one,
then soon forgotten before it was done.

I saw the end of my century shift,
With reason and grey cells, some set adrift.
The pace was so hurried, now rushing so,
and speeding fast... wondered where it would go?
Texting was king, and fingers were sore,
living on screens and talking no more.
Too lazy to cook, most meals on the run,
sit down, spread out, failing health now begun.

The world now smaller, where everyone shares
both good and bad, thru the violence and prayers.
Is it any wonder that I’m feeling old?
Still, looking back helps my future unfold.
So, I’ll cherish the best, ignore the pain,
make new, and old memories, live again!

* I have lived for more than three-quarters of a century now and
I am still learning to adapt. It has certainly been interesting!
What will the next century bring...

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