I will never understand

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I will never understand spitting words of hate
That divide the people's and futures dictate
Whose poison spins webs of lies and deceit
Words that small children then blindly repeat

I will never understand using your fists
Showing your power by bruising their wrists
Causing destruction with every blow
Not stopping while blood and tears flow

I will never understand causing isolation
When we are already one of the loneliest nation
Pushing people out, saying they don't belong
Who gave you the right to decide what is wrong

I will never understand this culture of blame
Its the fault of the addict, the cripple and the lame
Passing the book with an overbearing pride
Acting high and mighty, a slippery slope to ride

I will never understand the need for having more
Greed and lust break relationships once more
Wanting to have it all, money, gifts and fame
But when we die, all our coffins look the same

I will never understand how people are so cruel
Apparently civilised but fear and hurt still rule
Broken lonely people living out their hurt
Living in a matrix, unawake and unalert

A damaged world, Full of pain and sadness
Too hard to fight back we accept the madness
But those who know better need to speak out
Not in condemnation, but love that fulfils doubt

Showing joy that brings the broken home
Compassion to be those who feel alone
Peace that heals the hurting hearts
And words of hope that speak of a fresh start

I may not understand the many reasons why
But i refuse to just accept and not even try
Because I know it doesn't have to be this way
There is a freedom available for each and every day

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