Take me back to the time - Inspirational Challenge 103 - Shangri La

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

I long to go to Shangri La, I've been there once before,
If I could go to Shangri La, it'd be yesterday once more.

I sailed the splendid seven seas and reached the city's shores,
On a mermaid's moon kissed back, above the ocean floor.

We rode on silver waves so large, through many a coral reefs,
Through lost treasures, mounds of trinkets, buried so ever deep.

My eyes marveled wide with wonder, for I was but a child,
To reach the rare utopian land,the land of a thousand smiles.

Disease was rare, death was gentle, the old man was a sage,
Where those not so young were revered, 'twas the golden age.

Where children ran without worry, beyond a mother's sight,
Where every woman was a lady, every man was crowned a knight.

The earth, the moon, the sun, the stars...in benevolence bestowed,
Nature and man were in harmony, their auras gently glowed.

A mystic light hung in air, perceptible, benign,
Where everything I touched was pure, blessed and divine.

In wonder, I saw this glorious land, robed in innocence,
I reveled in marvels of this world, cloaked in ignorance.

I left the shores of Shangri La, I had to travel wide,
Carrying memories of this land, though I was a naive child.

I yearn to see this world once more, I have seen it long before,
Would it have withstood the ravages of time...my splendid world of yore?

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