Seek your rewards from the king of kings

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Seek not glory from human hands,
Seek your rewards from the king.
He is the king, the creator
He will certainly give.

Who can pay you better? tell me,
Will pauper pay better or the king.
So leave the matter to the king,
He has the power to give.

He can weigh you in gold,
He is the king of kings,
He will reward your efforts,
He has all the bliss.
He maketh the barren women,
To be joyful mother indeed,
He raiseth the poor from the dunghill
To let them sit next to the king's

Look not for human favours,
Their praises are in vain,
Sunday they will cry out Hosanna,
Friday crucify Him, will be their claim.


Only through His grace
God's love and spiritual poems
Christ has shown the way
Some truth are better blurred
All my poems
Take me back to time (challenge 103)

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