To you my love, there is a greater Love

a poem by Sonali ruth bandyopadhyay, India - poetry writer, author, poet

If you miss me when I am gone.
Listen to this, this love song.
When you feel there is no one to hear you out.
When you wonder, whats this life is all about.
When the world's care has bogged you down.
You feel cheated, broken, a fool or a clown.
Remember the times I mentioned that I prayed for you.
To the Lord, God, I so loved and you never knew.
His name is Jesus, the prince of peace , the king of all.
And just remember that all you need to do is to on your knees fall.
Hear his voice and on your knees fall and he takes it from there- your burden, worries- he takes them all.
And above everything else remember what I told you that for you and I,He took that fall.
Raised from the death now he is glorified high above it all.

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