For Murna

a poem by Kayode Benjamin Orogbemi, Nigeria

I will love you as though my breath is connected to it
You are the disk jockey that mixes my heart beat
The skies will always be blue here
You have made me to love amidst fears..

I will hold your heart as though a million lives connect to it
I will be here for as long as you will let me breath
The stars will always hang up here
For as long as you love me dear

My heart has always being like a lion thats out of its cage
But you have given me peace and have me write a new page
I will be here for as long as the sun shines
And when it doesn't I hope your love shines

You are not wholly responsible for why I fell
Your beauty the dimple and character too
Now my stomach hosts this love bell
It keeps ringing and ringing just for you..

I love you Ten thousand times everyday..

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