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Papers, Radio, TV everyone is full
of the Elections hyperbole bull!
Vote for us, we promise more
than any Party in power before!
Contradictions, and predictions,
the air rife with Party convictions
asserting they’re the one and only one,
who, if voted in, will get things done!
Every night when I watch the news,
I press the “Mute” button when views
heard are rammed down my throat.
Why in heaven’s name don’t they note
many, such as me, have had enough
of their political clap-trap, and guff!!
It’s deeds - not words, that will change
the world and my mind! To exchange
one blow-hard for another is pointless,
except it brings attention to the mess
the world is in today, due to the antics
of power hungry dictatorial lunatics!
I have strong held views, and the fuss
made by would-be MPs I often cuss
when they belittle another candidate.
So I’m a cyclical cuss, but I hate
the back-biting and demeaning rhetoric
in which some candidates indulge! I’m sick
of hearing promises - seldom fulfilled!
When things are done, tongues are stilled,
and your MP seat will be yours once more.
Politics and Elections? What a bore!


As MPs on either side
must follow and abide
to the course that’s set
by Party leaders, or get
ostracised, this in turn
denies their opinion
their right of Free Speech!
One that is accorderd each
Citizen, by so doing our vote
is negated, and of little note!
Why vote the citizen cries?
when this practice denies
voters their fundamental right!

Rhymer. October 24th, 2019.

Canada has just gone through 40 days of Election Brouhaha. I had intended to send this to all the "Parties" involved, but I was side-lined by more important mattes. However, my feelings are still the same. Anyone else feel this way? or am I alone in this?.
The Party that won - Liberal - did not get the Popular Vote but got most seats! So the minority rules yet again! I rest my case! Ciao Denis.

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