a poem by Aludu Richard, Nigeria


The tall towering tree
Ever increasing infinitely beyond the sky.
The shelter of sundry birds
You are the source of varieties.

Haven of heavenly arboreal creatures
The shelter
Of a million marauding merry-singing birds
Ominous herald of good.

African Palm tree
Your name is fear,
Marauding wind your companion
Symbol of height

Sister of the Coconut tree
Twin born with the Iroko tree
Whose height is immense and immeasurable
The friend of all trees.

Your uses are multi-faceted
Like the sand of the seashore
Of River Mississippi,
The longest of all rivers
With everlasting ever-flowing water.

You have use for all homo-sapiens
From you the negroes make their rafter roofs
That shelter their long-loved children
From the rains and sunshine.

African Palm tree
You are the symbol of hygiene,
From you the sweeping broom is fashioned
Consisting of uncountable broomsticks;

The colossal producer of palm fruits
Possessor of innumerable nuts
From you kernel oil is synthesized
Even your broken kernel shell
Is a rekindle of all fire.

The fountain of Palm oil
That is cherished by the young and the aged;
Red sparkling alluring oil of Africans.
You are oil to all
The source-product of all detergents;

African Palm tree
The long living Being
That never dread death
That never dies like mortals
Even after being a septuagenarian and three decades old;

You are worth your name
African palm tree!


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