October ABCeDarian.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

As October heads into the past
Be aware Winter approaches fast!
Cool air predicts the threat of snow
Declaring to all, it will soon be so!
Evening arrives before chores are done
Frost overpowers the weakening sun.
Gathering geese escaping winter’s ire.
Honk loudly to proclaim their desire.
In the North, dark clouds laden with snow,
Jostling with warmer winds from below,
Keep us guessing on winter’s arrival.
Leaves in varied hues, few artists can rival,
Madly dance in search of a calm location.
Noisome squirrels ready dreys for hibernation,
Or go gathering acorns hidden under leaves.
Panicking a mouse that dodges and weaves
Quickly, to take refuge in its nest close by!
Rooks, observing from a viewpoint up high,
Scatter wildly as a Falcon gliding by, dives
To snare unwary prey. As November arrives
Untold changes take place, and we can see.
Vixens line dens with moss and lichens to be
Warm and snug should biting cold penetrate.
Xmas adverts seen, show the year grows late.
Yet with celebrations, weeks away, I’ll say,
Z marks the end of my ABCeDarian today!

Rhymer. October 28th, 2019.

All the signs point to Winter being on its way.

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