Become One

a poem by Simone Jenneane Thys, South Africa - poetry writer, author, poet

You are everything I prayed for
Your picture told me that my is in trouble especially when I saw you outside my door

You blessing I never thought I would get
You are the endless flow of a symphony of colours in a perfect sunset

I only realized this when God was whispering that you are silently walking alongside me with Him
I felt like He was trusting you to me

You are all I ever longed for
You are the echoes of the calm I should be in a thunderstorm

The way you court me
The way you persue me
The way you look at me
The way you love me
The way you take care of me
Defend me
Lead me
Please me
Hold me
I'm inlove with you
Love you

My heart is wrapped in your heart
With you by my side I will fight not to fall apart

I have a few more questions about the amount of time it took to create the person you've become
The entity that was you is no more as we now became one

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