Everyone sees something different on the telescope

a poem by Onyeka Anyakora, Nigeria

The faiths of the old gods and new gods
Lets say, the cosmos truly aligned to form the universe
And a special rift in existence chose man, to be
By some special grace or blessing, wisdom was given
Truly there is a universal plan
Where the tiniest existence, truly has a reason
A small part, that makes a difference
Or even something as simple as existing, so those higher can get fatter
Cant in a probability of seven billion, one is easy to filter out
What are the chances, that connection
Maybe another distraction, a moment of physical intoxication
A place with the beauty of paris and heart of Poland
The honesty of germany and the love of African
A path to the future, the step to the front door of home
But the blood is getting cold, infiltrated by foreign substances
With complicated origins and new techniques, that very curious minds cant resist
Under a fog of haze a forg jumped, for safety
But the snakes understand danger best
A dragon is believed to live in flames or hot places
An animal that is said to have never existed, the power of continuous information
Like the gravitational field, something so fixed, a true force to reckon
Catch a floating signal and finally attract

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