103rd Inspirational Challenge , 'Take Me Back To The Time '.

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I wondered where the years had gone
They've disappeared in a cloud of smoke
No turning back ,
But onwards I go
Facing an uncertain future
I dare not provoke .
Take me back to the time when people cared
With no Technology like there is today
An ordinary life, though hard at times
with deep coal -mines , and endless strife ,
There were winding lanes and fields of green
Miles of countryside ,made a wonderful scene
Take me back in time ,way back in time ,
When I were young and in my prime,
'ALAS ',
The memories will forever be ,
They're like an 'Haunting Melody ' ,

Author , Edwin Jepson
November 3rd 2019 ,
For Mobani's Wonderful Title , Eddie .

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