Going Back In Time. Musketeer 103rd Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

I’d love to go back in time,
when poets, wrote in rhyme,
following a course romantic,
denying words pedantic,
they wrote in rhythmic time!

I’d love to go back to when,
women dressed - not as men,
but in the finest attire,
which all would admire.
It was a lovely sight back then.

I’d love to go back where,
strangers stopped to share:
without any hesitation.
a shared conversation,
when out in the morning air.

I’d love to go back to see,
a place, that’s dear to me.
To listeners I’ll tell,
it’s where my Wife did dwell,
before she married me.

I’d love once more to hear,
bells ringing out loud and clear.
Their peals, I recall;
were the Sunday call
to pray in the church quite near.

I’d love once more to smell,
an aroma I knew well,
when Mother was baking a pie.
Today I would die,
to inhale that piquant smell.

I’d love once more to be,
full of youthful virility.
To run with my dog:
and leap o’er a log,
to prove my agility.

I’d love to go back to see,
the lad I used to be,
but as this cannot be,
I’m quite content to be
reliving a memory.

Rhymer. November 5th, 2019.

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