A Burning Desire or: Exposing - The Truth.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Guy Fawkes had him a vision,
of raising MPs to a new height.
With gunpowder he had hidden,
he laid fuses to set it alight!
But alas and alack he failed,
being caught when about to strike.
But by golly my like minded friends,
his thinking was something to like!
For weeks he’d collected gunpowder,
and under The House, it was stashed.
But when the Yeomen Guard, found it,
his plans for its ‘cleaning’ were dashed.
Dragged off to a trial at The Old Bailey,
he was tried and sentenced Toute Suite!
Though methinks the Judge and the Jury,
thought his intention was really quite neat!
Today many think - as did Guy Fawkes:,
that most MPs should be given a rise.
No, not to add more to their pensions,
but to blow them up to the skies!
As ‘Moderns’ we’re regarded as civil,
and gunpowder is no longer sold.
So put them to work for a living,
and act on do what voters were told.
As we remember Guy Fawkes tonight,
with bonfires and a firework display,
let’s give thanks to this ‘smart’ fellow,
who gave us a good reason to say:
November the Fifth is just perfect
for fireworks to light up the night.
It’s a time elected officials, take note:
they could receive a sharp rise tonight!

Rhymer. November 5th, 2019.
The House? England's Parliament.
(Guy Fawkes Day - An English Celebration.)

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