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a poem by Danny Coon, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Is all not lost, if nothing found- ???

We Talk the Walk
in Poet's town
Words on wings
Do like Angel's sound
Don't mean a thing
If no Ears be Found
So, we read the Words
And we look around
As the weight of Worlds
Keeps pressing down
Gravity puts us into Ground
Our cross now under mound
Lost & found in poetown

Unless we be Free
Poets die in Poetry
If I be the last poet leaf
Let me not fall to grief
Poet words are my belief
& Baby is now tribal chief
May long survive I poeleaf

The same old Soul
Then there be no win
Common Observations
are the "In the Begin"
In General Causes of Effects
Is what did we call sin

More Common Desires
Less Mess More Clean
Community Standards
acting as our King & Queen
This Actions Observed -
be Riteous or Seen Mean
Then Royals wete invented
& Bragged into was Seen
Then Royals made Laws
& Rolled on us the Machine
Along with many our heads
& Lucky be we - if cut clean

- Denny i - or danny

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