a poem by Gayathri Mini Panicker, India

All I’ve ever wanted was just praise
But all I had to face was disgrace
My deeds have received no notice
Being simply laughed off by injustice

Spent my life imparting a meaning
As yet, no one would pay any heeding
I subdued myself to clearly disagree
To them thoughts imposed to chain me

Advised myself from consulting people
Who forgot to live or cared to be civil
The more you strived for your integrity
You’re labelled a fool for your humility

Only your conscience will stand by you
When life itself seems to be against you
So I fought my way to run my livelihood
But my efforts were just misunderstood

Manoeuvring a path once highly forgotten
In a world where humanity’s almost rotten
Anxiety has started to kill my composure
For painting me into such a damn loser

Dwelling into my battered conscious
To devise an identity created to disguise
Helping those who are being agonized
And rescue them from being victimized

For those needing a shoulder to lean on
Instead of being offered the cold one
I fashioned myself into this avatar
Bringing myself out for the venture

Sashaying my way into this world
With the poker smile way up curved
Revenge, a word driven by impulse
Unless taken sweet, it often kills

The time has come to end all talk
Averting malice before it could stalk
Might a thought inflicting a tragedy
Through reflection, uncoil a remedy?

All you need is to train that thought
In ways the heart's pain could be sought
Rather than letting the mind to talk
And tracing paths you shouldn't walk

I chose to redeem the road of humanity
Instead of being a martyr of insanity
Belittling the strength of the meek
Might even put your soul at stake

For there lies within, a fire that'll burn
And could etch a scar on lives in turn
I will laugh my way into the very base
Of crises to bring the smile on your face

I’d reckon this as a hope to hang on
For embracing life and to hold one’s own
Or is this just a pantomime of emotions
Training our minds in need of solutions?

So here, I oblige to enact this endeavour
Uniting unfortunates to fight n be braver
Reforming them lives into an epiphany
Of souls living together in harmony

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