104th Musketeers Challenge- A Memorable Moment Revisited…

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

Though we were young and poor our plates were all full
Bread, cheese, eggs and milk, were cheap plentiful
There was beef and sausage, and pastries galore
Then came fast food, and it clogged every pore.

But I got educated, turned my diet ‘round
Cut out salt and fat, and I watched every pound
Now when I see the doctor, and blood work’s read
There’s praise and admiration, and never dread.

You see I’m always good for a week or so
To insure good readings, then out the door I go
To treat myself for the hard work I've done
With the foods of my youth, when eating was fun!

Every time I spurge, every time I fall down…
I remember guilt's fattening… and wipe off my frown!

* I use the 80/20 rule…80% healthy, 20% splurge. But Oh that 20%! Lol!
If you are ailing or sad…treat yourself to something, it's good for the soul!
Thanks Denis for the lift! Dredging up lots of great memorable moments.
More to follow...

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