Memorable Moment, The night before Thanksgiving (104th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

It was the night before Thanksgiving and all
through the house was the good smell of
baked goods. The laughter ranged from the
kitchen, as pots and pans banged together
making music all of their own making.

In the living room the vacuum was going
and right behind it was me. There be
twenty- one people to feed tomorrow,
and among them would be me.
This place was a mess and I was the only
one who seem to care. The dust floated as if
clouds in the air.
Grandma, stuck her head out of the dining room
where she was setting the table in her find china.
She told me again, the house did not matter,
it was the people that mattered not the house.

It was the night before Thanksgiving and I
crawled as if a baby to the table where
goodies all hide under towels.
I grab a chocolate chip cookie or two, and when
asked I didn't know a thing.
Until my mother notice the chocolate all over my
mouth, then off to bed I did go.

I soon was in bed tucked in safely under my warm,
fuzzy cotton blanket. A strange dream soon took over
my mind.
That when I knew that tomorrow they planned
to kill my pet turkey.
I raced from my bed, and hide that turkey, and in
its place they planned to cook me.

I awoke to a morning sky filled with Mother Natures
warm colors. I open my window and glanced out below ,
and there was my pet turkey standing proud in his pen.
It must of all been a bad dream!
And there was Grandpa and in his hand was
a wild turkey he had shot. His soft feather laid
upon the ground.

Grandpa. looked up at me and smiled and yelled,
" Happy Thanksgiving, today were having a feast."
Thanks to this bird who gave its life, my pet turkey
still chase Grandma across the yard.

There so many things to be thankful for at Thanksgiving,
and the life of my pet turkey was one of those blessing.
Some of the other blessings was family, friendship.
food, a roof over our head, and the blessings of
being alive!
And the best one for me is this memorable moments that
is as fresh in my mind as if it happen yesterday.

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