My First Puppy ( 104th Challenge- A Memorable Moment )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

My First Puppy

My first puppy was no bigger
then a rat.
He was as soft as a powder puff,
and meow as if a cat.
He chewed on every mat,
and yet he was never said to be fat.
His color was velvety midnight,
and his teeth as bright as snow.
Every time I turned my back, he was
always in my father's hair,
by sitting in his chair.
It wasn't that my dad didn't like
my puppy.
It was his smell he didn't like!
He yelled , “ Ike, Ike ,Ike,! “
You see my puppy ate his own poo!
I couldn't make him stop, what could I do ?
My puppy was a special friend, that waggled,
licked, and was part of my family too.
And together the two of us grew and grew.
Together, we made a memorable moment
that will be in my heart forever.

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