A Memorable Moment. Musketeer 104th Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

When I was naught but a lad:
being neither good nor bad,
I attended the local school,
where I, thinking it was cool,
thought myself quite bright,
being able to read and write
for Mother had tutored me,
very capably and lovingly.
But I thought school a bore,
I wanted to learn much more,
so I read its every book,
until wheresoe’er I’d look
found there none to read!
Nothing, to fulfill my need!

Then a new teacher was assigned:
the old one retired. Did I mind?
Not one bit! Teacher Miss Read,
enforced discipline - her creed,
that few could understand.
Finally her ruling with an iron hand,
was replaced by Miss Miller. The change
was unbelievable! Moreover her range
of subjects was far greater. But I digress.

Soon after she came, she said “Right
you’re no fool Denis, you’re bright
and deserve a chance to become more so!
Soon an exam takes place, and you’ll go
to see how you fare? Chances are
you’ll do okay.. If so? The education
needs for your chosen vocation,
will be provided, if you do well.
As for your future? No one can tell.
My folks agreed, and I fondly recall,
that day! My passing, did above all,
change my life. No regrets at all!
I went to the Dorchester Grammar School,
which was a far different school,
where I became more informed and learned
of things for which I’d long yearned,
besides the Three “Rs”. That especial day,
was when Miss Miller came my way,
and changed the course of my life! Its due
to her efforts, and persistence, I could pursue
what was once a dream I dreamt, into reality.
Certainly a most Memorable Moment for me.

Rhymer. November 10th, 2019.

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