Rhymer - The Gardener Poet.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Some call me Rhymer the poet,
who exclusively writes in rhyme.
Spending many hours in writing,
when my garden allows me the time.

I’m always quite willing to try
formats never before attempted.
Though some are tricky to write,
there’s none I’ve ever exempted!

Firstly, I’ll seek a topic of merit,
well suited for the format I’ll use.
Then decide on the path I’ll take,
that is best for the topic I choose.

Then next I’ll seek inspiration:
this can be an exacting chore.
But unless I’m heedful when writing
results might be naught but a bore!

Although I strive for perfection
end results are never a cinch.
My title determines intent,
but never once giving an inch!

For this is an accepted essential,
upon which a poem is founded.
Being a control I will never deny,
or a poem is promptly grounded.

Then there’s a metre to choose:
with a rhythm, that’s strictly kept.
For unless a poem is rhythmic,
I’ll regard it an “opus inept!”

Once these essentials are chosen:
being crucial for setting the scene,
the first lines must then be written,
to outline the vision I’ve seen.

But formats enforce restriction,
and impose their singular style.
The selection of tense is concerning:
it makes me nervous the while.

Once my draft poem is finished
I’ve to start on a tiresome chore.
Like redressing grammatical errors,
until I discover no more.

For my poem is only complete,
once I deem every aspect assured.
With Format, Rhythm and Rhyming
and all other requirements, procured.

Yes, for me rhyming’s a passion:
with a power like no other found.
It insists my muse will write,
on a topic, in a manner profound.

Once my subject is chosen,
Il write with a freedom it grants.
Expressing my personal thoughts,
with rhyming, rather than rants.

Being one who tries for perfection,
although mistakes I too often make,
it’s always my modest intention,
to present a new view with my ‘Take’.

Rhymer. Novenber 11th, 2019.

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