a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

There are things we know
our whole lives
and spend a lifetime learning..

Once there was only Her..
and I
this little dreaming eye
a thought in the rain
by an umbrella
every word that she spilled
into the Winter of the world
the mouths of all their hurt
too great to grieve..

Once there was only..
a single conversation
birds in the pond
world vague beyond
like the dream mistaking
itself for real
the Earth
theirs to steal
and only mine to wander
but for the words
of those same birds
that the ghost heard
that the Earth.. set free

Once upon a time
we read golden books
and at the world
we’d hardly look
but instead listen to the bush calling
out from behind the river
and green hills would..
invite the same
quiet of every name
and true. of our nature
knowing the land rising
inside our souls
except for the trolls
under the bridge
where we’d never trek..

Once was and is once more
upon times as they are made
nay bade, threatened with a brick
not quick enough for the candlestick
with the speed of all of us
alarmed at this new conversation
and upon investigation
we found that worm
of the world
in every season as it unfurled
upon our Earth
and so we wake
before the Age does..

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