104th Challenge , 'A MEMORABLE MOMENT '.

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I remember my first weekly wage
After being upgraded to the coal-face
I was only eighteen
Went down the pit at fifteen
Thus now , this world was my stage
Oh boy , I certainly worked hard
Fitness was my inner strength
I dare not think of the danger down there
Tho I were prepared to go the whole length
There were times when things became rough
and it would be easy to say ,
'That's enough '.
But brushing everything aside
I adapted to this dangerous ride .

Part 2 .
I remember the look on my Mother's face
T'was the first week when I handed over my pay
What a 'Memorable Moment 'in my life
Upon seeing my Mother's sadness ,
Drift away .

Author ,Edwin Jepson 14th November 2019
My submission and respect for Denis Barter's Wonderful Title,' Moment IN Time '.
Eddie [Still poorly ] .

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