Winds of Change.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

When warm breezes blow from southern climes,
Squalling clouds drop mixed rain and snow betimes:
Then of spring’s arrival, this welcome indicator
Proves o’er winter’s cold, her power’s the greater.

When lazy zephyrs caress our heated brow;
Waves of tall meadow grasses dip and bow;
We embrace cooling breezes with affection;
Then life is good; a sign of summer’s perfection.

When gusty winds writhe in wanton pirouette;
Dusty debris, tumbles in unconstrained minuet
Trees give way to a force, few can withstand!
Then fall returns to romp throughout the land.

When the keening winds cut like a knife,
Searing the face, and determining all life
Shall cower and shelter from its cutting bite
Then winter is upon us, flexing its cold might.

The wind determines our inherent moods:
By dint of caress or savage force it intrudes
To influence our humour: angst ridden or fair.
But of its presence we are always alertly aware.

Rhymer. November 16th, 2019..
(Winter has arrived early and with numerous snowfalls
and some strong blustery winds! Brrr!!)

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