A Misunderstanding? Or...?

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Confused, bewildered, and ill at ease,
what action next, should I take to please?
With my banter having gone to naught,
due to befuddled rationale, though I’d thought
my comedic ad lib reply, a smart riposte,
reaction received, left me confused. Lost

with my thoughts going round and round,
I worry that no rational excuse could be found.
I wondered, how do I undo - if I possibly could?
ill chosen words that were misunderstood?
Reconsidering my repartee, I’d thought ideal,
and seemingly appropriate for the way I feel,

I realise now they went badly amiss! I confess,
this was unexpected, and proved a mess.
Doubtless I should have thought long and hard
before I left myself bereft of a logical shard
of rational explanation. Now, I have naught
but abashed chagrin for my careless thought,

and feckless words, that caused your dismay.
In the light of later knowledge, I must say
all further discussion became depressing.
What I hoped to achieve, by expressing
reasons for the actions I had taken,
were proof positive, I was badly mistaken
as to results I hoped to have achieved.
In thinking otherwise, I was deceived.

Although apology does not excuse me,
my reply, tho spoken in all sincerity,
soon proved to be a bad decision!
For they in turn, brought further derision!
However, it was a lesson well learned,
with reprimand received, truly earned.
Due to my indiscretion, I stand convicted.
So henceforth my idle banter will be restricted.

Rhymer. November 16th, 2019.

Written after I saw the look on the face of the ‘person’ to whom I was talking, when I made what I thought - was a smart retort!. Obviously - later proven - they had a poor (none!) sense of humour, and my ‘smart banter talk’ had hit a stone-wall!. No sign of comprehension, which then made my attempt at a smart reply even more of a wasted effort and time on my part! I don't think they had any idea as to what I had said, when I tried to explain my 'joke'! However, I felt it did make for a good subject for a poem. so my remarks were not entirely wasted! Lol!. Wonder what members think? Some might even fit the “mould”? Lol! Ciao Denis.

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