A Very Everlasting Promise .

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

The village has now lost it's wealth
and streets are bleak and bare
Mines have closed ,schools shut down
and I myself am a stranger there
Factory gates corroded years ago
and corner shops no longer exist
Friends you know just had to go
They had no choice when laws persist
The cemetery stands on yonder hill
Where family and friends are laid to rest
You feel compassion and the chill
Remembering when , they were at their best
You lay the flowers on your Mother's grave
and tears of sadness trickle down
When you recall how much she gave
So her fine son would find renown
Taking one last look before you walk
towards a car of metallic blue
You found the fame ,but did not change
The promise you made
to your Mother ,
From you.

Author Edwin Jepson
Tuesday ,19th November 2019/

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